With the BioIT Portal, our physicians and partners can securely access results over the web. Their satisfaction has increased, and our support workload has gone down; freeing us up to drive operations.

Greg Endress
Chief Operating Officer, NeoDiagnostix

I had excellent experiences with Mike and the BioIT team. They have a great ability to translate scientific needs into innovative, visual, user-friendly, and user-intuitive data warehouse/reporting systems on quite a large scale.

Belinda Wagner, Ph.D.
President, Biographic Design Consulting

BioIT has provided OTraces with software development, IP support and key advice on laboratory operations for over three years. We at OTraces consider BioIT to be more than just a vendor, but a partner. They have helped us develop key software for diagnosing cancer through a simple blood test. This software includes FDA compliant archival methods for trapping field data for FDA submission, server-based real time cancer score calculations, and reports for physicians. In addition, they were of great help in integrating our complex mathematical algorithms with the online processes. We have successfully deployed these methods in the field. BioIT’s output has always been on time and flawless.

Keith Lingenfelter,
CEO, Otraces

We had the good fortune to work with Michael Fannon and Robert Beliveau at BioIT Solutions (www.BioIT.com). BioIT came out of Human Genome Sciences and solves data flow problems for larger corporations (such as AstraZeneca and GSK). We were very lucky to have them work with Kalen.

Our laboratory data system, using a software platform from BioIT, is hosted in a highly secure commercial server (cloud) and is available to us through a private portal on an internet connection. Laboratory procedures and data entry forms are written in MS Word and uploaded to the cloud. Data entry is facilitated with barcode scanning. The data review process is streamlined by uploading the forms and having the system generates flags, thus highlighting where our attention is needed. Speed and accuracy have increased several fold.

Kathy Foxx, MS
President, Kalen Biomedical