Beyond LIMS

Streamline your preclinical research and development operations with BioIT’s 1Platform4® Preclinical R&D Software Suite. Whether you are conducting a critical IND-enabling in vivo safety study, tasked with biomarker discovery and validation, designing high throughput screening assays, managing a vivarium or overseeing the IACUC approval process …

  • Improve the efficiency of your R&D operations
  • Enable quick, reliable and accurate traceability of biomaterials
  • Automate workflow tracking and improve allocation of resources
  • Integrate study management and reporting with upfront planning functions
  • Provide visibility for the status of in vivo experiments during the lifecycle of a study
  • Improve communication across functional areas and various locations

We combine our IT expertise gained from decades of experience in the biopharmaceutical industry with our flexible 1Platform4 Software Suite to provide solutions that are rapidly deployed and customized in a cost-effective manner.

Customer Spotlight

Read our customer spotlight to learn how we helped a global pharmaceutical company streamline in vivo studies, improve efficiency of the IACUC process, find and eliminate project delays, automatically generate task schedules for vivarium staff, and improve R&D operations with our 1Platform4® Preclinical R&D Software Suite.

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