The LIMS Alternative

A laboratory and data management system adapted to your workflow, your data, and your analysis.

Your data is your most valuable asset.

  • Is it safe?
  • Is it accessible?
  • Is it searchable?
  • Is it compliant?

Protect and manage your data and workflows with BioIT Solutions 1Platform4.

Some LIMS implementations force you to conform to their rigid operation or pay for expensive customizations. 1Platform4 is tailored to fit your processes at a fraction of the cost of a typical LIMS deployment.

You have spent a large percentage of your capital budget on instruments to generate data. Are you getting the most out of that investment?


1Platform4 Diagnostics is the industry leading platform for emerging Diagnostic companies. Your company will benefit from an integrated system that securely connects doctors offices, testing labs, the sales team, and the billing department. How would your sales team like up to the minute information about ordering trends? Does your lab spend too much time on customer support and not enough time on science? Are you chasing reimbursement issues?

Let the power of 1Platform4 Diagnostics work for you. Our 1Platform4 Diagnostics system comes with the following features:

  • Sample accessioning and inspection; either manual, or through industry standards (HL7, XML, EHR)
  • Bar code printing and scanning at point of use
  • Image capture; either manual or through instrument integration
  • Customer portals
  • Automated reports alert doctor’s offices to reported cases (no more faxing)
  • Integrated sales analytics help the sales team focus
  • Billing and reimbursement can be tracked online or coordinated with 3rd parties via web services
  • Render branded patient reports like these.

Customer Spotlights

Read our customer spotlights to learn how we expedited business operations and improved client and partner interactions for CLIA-certified laboratories with our 1Platform4 Diagnostics Software Suite.

OncoPlex Diagnostics




1Platform4 Discovery is the system of choice for emerging Biotech companies. The system tracks materials, assays, equipment, and drug candidates through the discovery pipeline.

Put those Excel spreadsheets away and let your data start working for you. How would you like to know how many reagents your development group has produced? What if you could drill down to individual chromatograms and gel images to assess product quality? Wouldn’t it be nice to capture project related data so that it can be separated for in-licencing/out-licensing opportunities?

Let the power of 1Platform4 Discovery work for you. The system comes with the following features:

  • Flexible material catalogue
  • Model your laboratory’s “material supply chain”
  • Capture analytical results and raw data
  • Bar codes collect data at the “point-of-use”
  • Integrated inventory features support material and freezer management
  • Add the Timesheet App so labor costs can be applied to research projects
  • Multi-site presence can be extended to CMOs
  • Intuitive dashboards (like the one below) help your team focus

Drug Development

1Platform4 Drug Development is the sensible way to manage your company’s clinical and pre-clinical testing process. Wouldn’t it be great if your testing lab knew the status of all samples? How would your Data Management and BioStatistics functions like to know precisely when the trial can be locked? Can upper management track progress themselves instead of asking for endless status reports?

Let the power of 1Platform4 Drug Development work for you. The system comes with the following features:

  • Define Clinical and Preclinical Trials (Clinics, Cohorts, Timepoints, Subjects, etc.)
  • Accession samples directly OR import sample ids from CRO
  • Bar codes support receipt of samples and storage/archiving
  • Integration with many popular instruments (plate readers, HPLC, Mass Spec, etc.)
  • “Birds-eye-View” of sample landscape helps identify missing samples early
  • Data security helps maintain ePHI and proprietary data confidentiality
  • Direct transfer to Bio Statistics and Data Management eases bottlenecks
  • Multi-site presence can be extended to CROs
  • Powerful statistics and intuitive graphics can be adapted to your assays (Below)

Customer Spotlight
Read our customer spotlight to learn how we helped a global pharmaceutical company streamline in vivo studies, improve efficiency of the IACUC process, enhance visibility of project delays, automatically generate task schedules for vivarium staff, and improve R&D operations with our 1Platform4® Development Software Suite.

MedImmune Customer Spotlight