Encapsulated expertise for specific roles

Many complex R&D, Diagnostics, or Drug development projects require interacting layers of expertise. Challenging enough in the real world, operational multidisciplinary teams of experts have defied automation or standardization across organizational boundaries.

At BioIT Solutions, we have deployed a novel method of encapsulating expertise using our Roles Based Interaction™ architecture. These expert applications work seamlessly, even for organizations undergoing frequent changes. These Apps are devised by recognized subject-matter-experts in biotech processes. The key building blocks of the Expert Apps are based on the years of hands-on endeavor and the learned ability to solve complex problems on the go are the .


  Information strategy, Best Practices specialist

  Diagnostics Clinical Laboratory manager

  Diagnostics Business manger

 Partner relationship manager

  Biomarker Discovery, Validation specialist

  Reagent development, characterization, inventory manager

  Drug Pipeline strategy specialist

 Preclinical in vivo study specialist

  Lab Operations, Research Services specialist

  LAB Animal manager

 Regulatory Management, Training tracking specialist

 Clinical Immunology, Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacodynamics specialist


We can build streamlined solutions for you by combining standard expert Apps from our extensive collection and deploy your working environment faster than a committee can be organized to define specs! Once your teams start using their new, intuitive work space, we would be happy to build custom layers for your specific tasks. We will help you encapsulate and protect your Intellectual Property and help you fill any gaps cost-effectively.