1Platform4 Drug Development is the sensible way to manage your company’s clinical and pre-clinical testing process. Wouldn’t it be great if your testing lab knew the status of all samples? How would your Data Management and BioStatistics functions like to know precisely when the trial can be locked? Can upper management track progress themselves instead of asking for endless status reports?

Let the power of 1Platform4 Drug Development work for you. The system comes with the following features:

  • Define Clinical and Preclinical Trials (Clinics, Cohorts, Timepoints, Subjects, etc.)
  • Accession samples directly OR import sample ids from CRO
  • Bar codes support receipt of samples and storage/archiving
  • Integration with many popular instruments (plate readers, HPLC, Mass Spec, etc.)
  • “Birds-eye-View” of sample landscape helps identify missing samples early
  • Data security helps maintain ePHI and proprietary data confidentiality
  • Direct transfer to Bio Statistics and Data Management eases bottlenecks
  • Multi-site presence can be extended to CROs
  • Powerful statistics and intuitive graphics can be adapted to your assays (Below)