1Platform4 Discovery is the system of choice for emerging Biotech companies. The system tracks materials, assays, equipment, and drug candidates through the discovery pipeline.

Put those Excel spreadsheets away and let your data start working for you. How would you like to know how many reagents your development group has produced? What if you could drill down to individual chromatograms and gel images to assess product quality? Wouldn’t it be nice to capture project related data so that it can be separated for in-licencing/out-licensing opportunities?

Let the power of 1Platform4 Discovery work for you. The system comes with the following features:

  • Flexible material catalogue
  • Model your laboratory’s “material supply chain”
  • Capture analytical results and raw data
  • Bar codes collect data at the “point-of-use”
  • Integrated inventory features support material and freezer management
  • Add the Timesheet App so labor costs can be applied to research projects
  • Multi-site presence can be extended to CMOs
  • Intuitive dashboards (like the one below) help your team focus