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Leadership in Biotechnology

At BioIT, we bring decades of experience in the Biopharmaceutical industry, combined with our expertise in Bioinformatics to help our clients rapidly develop and implement data science and analytics solutions that will help them significantly improve the speed and reliability of their research.

We are proud to celebrate one decade of providing unique and cost effective information management solutions to clients in the biotechnology industry. Our success during the last decade is a result not only of our unique platform but customers who recognized the value of our distinctive approach to delivering information management solutions.

Press Release: BioIT Marks 10 Years of Serving the Biotechnology Community

What We Do

BioIT Products are essential for the new century of biotechnology commerce.

We have distilled years of expertise in business and technical processes of biotechnology firms into a flexible, low-cost, and powerful platform for managing life sciences operations.

The resulting 1Platform4® Software Suite is available for four distinct industry segments, each enabling scientists, lab and manufacturing managers, and operations specialists to focus on their core tasks without hampering distractions of IT and enterprise software:

The 1Platform4 is deployed seamlessly into your existing operations. It is also a significant tool for structuring new operations and is flexible enough to allow continuous improvements. Regulatory compliance tools and procedures are easily integrated and the resulting systems can meet validation and standards requirements with built-in audit and reporting tools.

From clinical laboratory operations, to manufacturing and sales of assays, proteomics, and reagents bioIT excels in connecting innovative R&D operations to standardized and world class commercial sales.

Each platform is deployed with a set of built-in apps, sufficient to run most common operations under best practices and high efficiency metrics. Specialty apps are can be developed by BioIT for your in-house innovations or processes with uncommon complexity. An innovative architecture allows for robust integration of 3rd party computational, instrument interfaces, and legacy code when needed.

Who We Are

Industry Leadership

BioIT was founded on the premise that we can use our expertise to bring enterprise class bioinformatics to the smallest biopharmaceutical firms and deploy our systems at a rapid pace, providing our clients with the speed and efficiency they need to grow.

The team that started the bioinformatics revolution